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Give Your Mental Door A Break


Stop trying to avoid pain.

Soak it in. Let it flow through you.

If you try to escape discomfort, you will spend your life running.


Stop trying to avoid pain. Let pain be your teacher.

How can we learn to fully embrace overwhelming joy without understanding the alternative?

Deep pain. Fear. Anxiety. Panic. These forces often act like rushing water, building pressure on a mental door. The pressure is only released when you let it all flow in, unafraid to drown.

The current of this water is unrelenting, so for your own sanity, please learn how to swim.

The cathartic release of accepting the anxiety is worth more than any mantra designed to fend it off. Let pain and anxiety rush in and wash over you; almost welcome it, the same as you would any other feeling.

Give your mental door a break.

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