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This, Too, Shall Pass

“This, too, shall pass.”

I wish this message could be tattooed to the inside of my eyelids. No matter how many times I read it, it still seems difficult for me to fully digest. Regardless, I repeat it incessantly as it is so crucial that we, as mortal and finite beings, have a deep understanding of this sentiment highlighting all things eventually drawing to a close (for better or for worse). Its essence reminds us that no matter how dark the night, morning will eventually come. For those of us who experience mental illness, this idea can become an unbelievably powerful mantra if utilized in the moment or in thoughtful reflection.

I still have trouble with applying this mantra in real time, but the very recognition and acknowledgement of the phrase has helped me at a level I’ve only seen through legitimate mediation practices in my past. When it comes to processing the variables that life throws into the mix, the axiom “This, too, shall pass” can be profoundly important in that no matter how fierce and raging the storm may be between our own temples, it will pass. If this mental pain will inevitably fade, and we can visibly see our physical wounds heal, it is only a matter of time before all the things that inflict harm drift away. Will they leave scars? Yes, but they will also leave harsh and unforgettable lessons, lessons that may save your life one day. A frightening reality of all this is that it may not pass exactly when you want it to and those uncomfortable situations or feelings may stay much longer than you’d like. The comforting and persevering truth inborn to life itself is that the waves beating on the shores of your life have come to pass, not to stay.

The true aim for fostering a meaningful life, OCD/anxiety-sufferer or not, is to be at such peace within your own soul that you can watch negative energy pass quietly like a ship in the night. No engagement, merely recognition of its presence and commitment to remain on higher ground. Conserve that precious energy, the radiant energy of pure love given to you by the universe or God or whatever keeps you afloat, for the things that truly matter in your own life. Do not waste your existence on these hills of worldly upset with soldiers who don’t care whether you live or die. Rather, pour yourself out to those that matter and things that matter and remember all the while that this, all of this, for better or for worse, will one day pass.

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