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When Is It All Going To Make Sense?

“When is it all going to make sense?”

The tension between the temples that seems to never be satiated. 

A world void of any apparent rhyme or reason. 

Confusion about why we are here and what our ultimate purpose of existence is.

“When is it all going to make sense?” 

When will the lightbulb go off and my life will finally, at long last, situate itself in the exact position it was always destined to be?

“When?”, we ask, “I don’t know how much longer I can wait to find it out.”

The answer to this question has been sought after for ages, and unfortunately it has never become an easier pill to swallow. This insane journey that we have labeled “Life” will all make sense the moment you make it make sense; then, and only then, will any of the puzzle pieces seemingly fit together. 

You see, if you feel absolutely fantastic, like you are on top of the world, like your life is going in the exact direction you please: be careful. This experience is merely fleeting. The same is true, however, for when the world seems dark and gray and unbelievably, cruelly unfair. These emotions and moments and experiences can be bent into a life of worry and fear and cowering stances, or it can be fuel for standing tall and appreciating your unique, hyper-focus in the midst of a complicated world, using the curiosity for existence to establish your personal reason as to why you are here at all. 

You will find that what allows the calm to flow through you is when the purpose you choose is spurred by a love of growth and rewarding struggle. Some of the most confusing aspects of your lived experience will suddenly seem to be congruent with the natural flow of the universe when you decide to make the reasoning, rather than hoping to stumble upon it.

The only solace you can hope to gain on this ball of rock hurtling through space is by understanding that there is no perfect solution to most, if not all, of the things that riddle our lives. Forcing yourself to subscribe to the belief that all of this has an inborn, inherent purpose and we must find it is an absolute fallacy. Rather, we must create this sense of purpose, forging our own reason to keep on breathing and pouring into the lives of others.

Remember this as you travel: love is all that matters, overthinking ruins everything, and your OCD and anxiety are almost always lying to you. Tuck these away in a mental folder and begin this new life, one full of joy for the ride rather than ecstasy at the thought of a destination.

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