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An Open Letter to Anger

The anxiety that OCD brings can manifest into pure, raw anger.

Anger at the world, at your own mind.

But why do I get so angry, knowing it only causes more destruction?

I’m a grateful person but sometimes things build and boil up until they are hot against the inside of my mind. The stress of knowing there is this disparity between how grateful I am to be alive and how angry my being can become just compounds the feeling of heat searing against my frontal lobe.

Similar to most things in life, analysis of this occurrence will inevitably lead to mental paralysis. The anger will work like a carcinogen, gnawing away at my mental health until I decide.

Decide that I will not let my anger destroy me.

Anger has ravaged the minds and lives of many great men and women, many of whom were stronger than I will ever be.

It is a terrifyingly powerful force, anger; an emotion that can rip apart even the sacred bond of love, a force once thought to be unbreakable.

Anger is a beast that ultimately cannot be killed, but it can be meticulously controlled.

It can be tied up and tamed and taught to regulate itself. The key to wrangling it is the acknowledgement of its finite power.

The anger will not last forever, even the hottest of flames eventually dies out.

Remember, in the heat of the negativity: this too, shall pass.

Let the anger flow through you.

Treat it how you would any other natural human emotion.

And then, when you are ready, bring your awareness to one thing you are grateful for in this moment.

Now breathe in.





Now breathe out.

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